Beyond the Gloesmur

Join Princess Jondalyn, Talimar, and a flying horse on their adventures in the land "Beyond the Gloesmur", written and illustrated by Kathleen E. Deisher.

This is a wonderful book for reading aloud to the whole family.  It is a juvenile allegory adventure book (the same category as the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series.)  Reading Level:  Upper elementary to adult.

Note:  This is a high interest level book that has been well received by reluctant readers!  Preteen boys appreciate it!  It makes a wonderful gift.

Beyond the Gloesmur

Beyond the Gloesmur
Beyond the Gloesmur

By Kathleen E. Deisher

ISBN-13: 9781892135001

Reluctant readers like Beyond the Gloesmur!

We have received many comments on this book from mothers of reluctant readers! They are excited because their 'non-readers' actually read the book straight through and then want to read the sequel!

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Book Review By Barbara M. Sutryn*

Lovers of fantasy, adventure and knightly derring-do will find in Beyond the Gloesmur a delightful story without any of the graphic content that makes some modern day books unsuitable for teens.  Kathleen E. Deisher's book deserves a place beside C. S. Lewis' Narnia series and J. R. R. Tolkien's imaginative tales.  This account of Princess Jondalyn's adventure is one to be read in the early teens and re-read as an adult.

Confined to her room as punishment for acting disrespectfully to the King, she is rescued by a flying horse who breaks through the Gloesmur (wall of glass) to take her into Nifelah, a land of beauty and strange loyalties. There she is befriended by a king, a stable boy, and others who are not impressed by her royal title, but include her as a partner in carrying out what seems to her a mysterious mission.

Flying--even talking--horses, gallant men, and a clever, friendly fox participate in Jondalyn's adventure, and leave the reader eager to begin Book Two of The Gloesmur Scrolls, The Princess of Kafar, due to be released in the near future.

*Barbara M. Sutryn is the author of inspirational articles, poems, The Sign Painter (Tyndale House), and Heartstrings, A Biography of Wilmos Csehy.